The Prettiest Bow Review


the prettiest bow - gold glitter heart clipMy daughter isn’t even two yet, but I have a strong inkling she’s not going to be a tomboy like her mama. Jewelry, dresses and anything pink, capture this little one’s attention like nothing else.

So you can imagine that when these adorable hair accessories from The Prettiest Bow arrived, there were some serious squeals of delight. And it didn’t take her long to scope out a favourite. I’ll give you a hint: it’s the sparkly one!gold glitter hair clip

All that glitters is not gold, or so they say, but in this case I would disagree. The Prettiest Bow’s gold glittery heart clip is beautifully crafted, with lovely details such as the scalloped felt backing, the matching gold alligator clip and the glitter that just won’t quit. I also really liked that the alligator clip has tiny teeth, which helped it to stay put in my little’s silky smooth hair.

After enduring some serious toddler-handling, this clip has miraculously survived and is still in perfect condition. And not only that, but I was legitimately concerned I would forever be picking up tiny specks of glitter off the floor, and there has yet to be a single defector. Talk about one well made clip!

gold glitter hair clip

So if you have a little girl in your life and you’re searching for that perfect gift, or just something special to make doing their hair a bit more fun, you can’t go wrong with anything from The Prettiest Bow. And if deciding on which of their gorgeous hair accessories to buy is just too difficult, take a cue from my daughter and pick the sparkly one!

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