Numpfer: Organic Bamboo Bib and Blanket

$12 - $38

numpfer organic bamboo bib and blanketFrom the moment I opened the package I knew I was in trouble. Buttery blanket. Plush bib. Sorry bank account…and husband.

Have you guys heard of Numpfer? This amazing company is located in Vancouver, BC, and makes organic bamboo bibs and blankets that are super absorbent, naturally antibacterial and TO. DIE. FOR.

Before I give you the details, I should preface it with the following information:

  • my son (3 months old) was the test subject for this review
  • he is in a perpetual state of drool
  • and he spits up more times in a day that I can count

and on that note…

The Multi-Use Bib

numpfer organic bamboo bibNumpfer’s bamboo terry cloth bib is so soft and thick you’ll never want to take it off your little. It’s honestly the perfect bib for wiping away drool/milk dribbles, or for catching those bigger spit ups.

My little guy definitely put this to the test and I was blown away by how absorbent this bib was. And because it’s naturally antibacterial, I was able to  rinse it out in the sink, hang it to dry and use it again….you may not want to do that, but you can – no judgement here.

The unique side tie design was easy to use and made it possible to get the bib on without having to awkwardly fiddle behind my baby’s neck. And as a mom, I love that I can also use this bib as a burp cloth and a washcloth – versatility for the win.

Numpfer’s clean, modern design is also a welcomed change, as it goes with any outfit and is completely gender neutral. And if you want to add a bit of flare, the coloured edging is a really nice touch.

After going through a few wash cycles, the bib looks just as good as it did when we first used it and might even be a bit softer, if that’s possible.

The Multi-Use Blanket 

numpfer organic bamboo blanketNumpfer’s organic bamboo jersey blanket is so luxuriously soft that all other blankets will feel like sandpaper in comparison. Seriously, you’ll wish they made this in a bigger size so you could experience what it’s like to be wrapped in it…I know I do.

The jersey gives this blanket a nice stretch, so it’s perfect for swaddling or just wrapping around your little for naps and bedtime. But I guarantee you won’t want to use it just for sleeping. You and your little Linus are going to want to take this bad boy everywhere you go. We found it great to use as a mat during tummy time, and as a light cover during car rides and walks.

Like the bib, this blanket features a modern design that is perfect for both boys and girls, and is available in the same colour edging options.

I was so surprised and delighted with the quality of both of these products that I can’t help but sing their praises. I’ll definitely be stocking up on these bibs for my little guy, as I don’t see this very wet phase ending any time soon. And I think it’s safe to say that I’ve found my go-to source for baby blankets. Friends with baby’s on the way, you’re welcome.

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