the latchy catchyMamas, meet your new best friend. Seriously.

The Latchy Catchy may look simple, but after using it you’ll wonder how you lived so long without it!

Just slip the elastic straps over any door handle to secure it in place, and then watch as it magically transform your door into a silent portal where babies are never awakened by the sound of it closing. EVER.the latchy catchy organic

I’ve been using our Latchy Catchy on the door to my seven month old’s room for the last two months and it is amazing. I no longer feel like a member of the bomb squad, spending several sweat-inducing minutes trying to silently close his bedroom door, only to fail miserably and be forced to start the process all over again.

the latchy catchy in actionNow with our Latchy Catchy attached, I leisurely close his door on my way out and it shuts silently every time. It also stays shut unless I give it a gentle push, and then it opens easily. I’m pretty sure that’s a huge win in every parent’s book!

**A quick side note, if you have lever door handles in your home, it may take a bit of coaxing to get the elastic straps around both handles, but don’t despair, it does fit.**latchy catchy organic geo

If you’re a parent, I would recommend buying these for ALL the doors in your house (it’s worth it), and if you have friends with kids, this is probably the best sanity-saving gift you could ever get them! And with a spectacular variety of cute prints, good luck choosing just one.

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