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hey there babyIf you love shopping small, you know that your wallet can take a big hit when it comes to dressing your littles in clothing with original handmade designs. Ridiculous amounts time, energy and love (a nicer variation of blood, sweat and tears, although I’m sure there’s a bit of that in there too) go into the making of these shirts, so it make sense that shops need to charge a premium for their products. campfires s'mores and starry nights

But sometimes you’re lucky enough to stumble upon a shop that is the perfect mix of original and affordable. Hey There Baby knocks it outta the park in this category.

Each of their original designs is hand screen printed on light-weight cotton Rabbit Skin tees, which are soft, thick and incredibly durable. As with any handmade process, there can be slight variations and imperfections that occur (with an emphasis on slight), but that’s what I love about them – no two shirts are ever alike!hey there baby tees

After washing the shirts for the first time, I noticed that the ink in the design had faded a bit, but the design was still very visible on the tees. In subsequent washes there hasn’t been any further fading, so I don’t believe that this will continue or be a problem in any way.

dance to the beat of your own drumThe shirts fit pretty true to size. The 2T fits my small two year old daughter well, but is on the bigger side, and the 6 month fits my chubby five month old perfectly. I think a good rule of thumb with kids is to always size up if you’re unsure…they’ll fit it eventually, and probably sooner than you think!

If you’re looking for quality kids clothing with unique designs that won’t break the bank, you’ll definitely want to check out Hey There Baby’s selection of amazing tees. And a little elf tells me they have some fantastic Christmas tees over in the shop right now that you don’t want to miss out on!

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