Crochet Party Crown


wee three kidsMy daughter is just getting to the age where she likes to play dress up (tickle trunk here we come!), so I was thrilled to test out these adorable crochet party crowns by Wee Three Kids.

Each one is beautifully hand crafted with a high quality yarn blend, and finished to perfection with a sweet twill tag that contains the company’s logo and washing instructions.crochet party crown

The 1-3 year size (17-19 inches) fits my two year old’s head well, but is on the tighter side. That said, I expect it will stretch a little over time and fit perfectly once it does. I would recommend sizing up, if you’d like to get a lot of use out of it, or if your little has a larger mellon (the extra cute ones always do!).

wee three kids crochet party crownWhat I really love about these crowns (besides the fact that they’re handmade and gorgeous), is that they will outlast your little’s use of them. Instead of buying another cheap accessory that will be used a handful of times and thrown out, these crowns are well made and durable. They will hold up through daily baby gumming, toddler handling and big kid roughhousing.

Sizing starts at newborn and goes up to age 10, so you can use these adorable crowns during newborn photo shoots, as a special birthday hat, or for inspiring hours of creative play. However you use them, I know you will love them as much as we do!

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