bamboo drool bib frontWhen you have a baby that has been blessed with an abundance of drool, like my little man, a bib isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s a necessity…especially if you want to limit the number of daily wardrobe changes to the explosive variety!

So when you can find one that’s functional and fashionable, like this adorable Grey & White Plus Bamboo Bib from TYC Baby Boutique, you’re going to want to buy them by the dozen.bamboo drool bib back

The front of this bib is made with a soft cotton, and features a stylish, gender neutral pattern. And the back of the bib is lined with a bamboo blend french terry cloth, making it even softer than the front and ridiculously absorbent. It also features a two snap closure at the back so that it can grow with your little.

two snap closure bamboo drool bibWhat’s really nice about this bib is that it’s cute enough to double as a scarf. So even after your little learns to control their drool, you can still use it to keep their neck nice and warm during those chilly months.

With my heavy drooler, I find that the bib will last a couple of hours if he’s upright and in full chomp mode. After that it’s pretty soaked through, but it washes up really well and dries quickly.bamboo drool bib side

If you’re looking for a fashionable bib that is absorbent and will outlast your little’s drooly phase, you won’t be disappointed in the quality of TYC Baby Boutique’s Bamboo Drool Bib.

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