Make the List

Do you own a handmade shop? We’d love to work with you!

We love to discover new handmade products for babies, kids and mamas, so if you make something you think would be perfect for our site, please take a look at the packages we offer below and send an email to to make the list!

Product Features:

  • Short n’ sweet product write up featured on Littles List, with links to your shop
  • Promoted on our social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest)
  • Included in our monthly newsletter
  • Cost: $25/feature
  • If you’re interested in having multiple features done throughout the year, please send us an email to discuss pricing options

Product Reviews:

  • Detailed write up on the product you would like to have reviewed
  • Involves testing out the product and taking photos of my littles using it
  • Featured on Littles List
  • Promoted on our social media channels
  • Included in our monthly newsletter
  • Cost: Minimum of $25 worth of product, plus shipping to Vancouver, Canada.

Newsletter Features:

  • Exclusive feature in a stand-alone newsletter
  • Includes a short write up on your shop and products
  • Also includes a brief owner introduction (who you are, what you do, how you got started, etc.)
  • Can offer an exclusive coupon for newsletter subscribers
  • Cost: $50/feature


  • Host your next giveaway through Littles List
  • Contest is managed using Gleam
  • Promoted through our social media channels
  • Cost: Your product cost plus shipping to winner